Plan of the Day: April 04

Roadwork is ongoing but there will no road closures for the following roads:

  • 800E (from IL RT10 to 2300N) culvert work C-45
  • 725E (from 2900N to 3070N) culvert work C-251
  • 2600N (from 400E to CH5) culvert work C-263
  • 2500N (from 400E to CH5)
  • 2600N (from 400E to CH5)
  • 800E (from 2150N to 2400N)
  • 3070N (from 700E to 800E)
  • 700/725E (from 2900N to 3070N)

Following roads will be closed and reopened on 04/05/24

  • 900E (from 2750N to US150)

In addition to the POD of 04/04/2024, the following work is anticipated:

Friday 04/05/2024:      Culvert Installation:

  • 2500 N between 400 E and CH 5 (C-259)
  • 3200 N between 1000 E and 1100 E (C-231)

Roadway Prep.:     

  • 2600 N between 400 E and CH 5         
  • 900 E between 2750 N and US 150
  • 800 E between 2150 N and 2400 N

Anticipated work can be altered by weather, equipment breakdown, or any other unforeseen circumstances.