Plan of the Day: February 29

Following roads will be closed for roadwork preparation:

1400E (from 3100N to 3300N),
3200N (from 1000E to 1300E),
1200E (from 3200N to 3400N),
1100E (from 3200N to 3300N),
900E (from 3200N to 3300N),
700E (from 2750N to 3050N),
2600N (from 400E to 550E),
2750N (from 900E to 1000E),
3100N (from 1350E to 1400E),
2750N (from 700E to CH5).

Culvert work will take place along road closures on: 2600N (C-204), 2750N (C-250), 3100N (C-13A). 

Roads will be reopened at the end of the day.