Plan of the Day: March 07

Following roads will be closed for roadwork preparation for 03/07/24:

2500N (from 700E to 900E) with Culvert work: C-111, C-102,
3300N (from 1400E to 1500E) with Culvert work: C-4,
700E (from 2700N to 3050N),
2750N (from CH5 to 1000E),
800E (from 2500N to 2750N),
900E (from 2600N to US150),
2700N (from 700E to 800E),

Roads will be reopened at the end of the day. 





In addition, the following work is anticipated for Friday 03/08/24:


Roadway Prep.:   

900E between 2600N and US150
700E between 2700N and 3050N
800E between 2500N and 2750N
2750N between CH5 and 1000E
800E between 700E and 900E

Culvert Install:   

2500N between 700E and 800E: C-102 
700E between 2400N and 2500N: C-103 
3300N between 1400E and 1500E: Riprap @ C-4 

Anticipated work can be altered by weather, equipment breakdown or any other unforeseen circumstance.