Plan of the Day: March 25

Following roads will be closed for roadwork preparation:

  • 2600N (400E to CH5),
  • 2500N (400E to CH5),
  • 2400N (400E to 700E),
  • 800E (2150N to 2400N),
  • 700E (2150N to IL RT10),
  • 2150N (525E to 800E),
  • 775E (2050N to 2150N)
  • 600E (2150N to 3rd street Deland),
  • 2150N (525E to 600E) culvert work C-243 & C-248,
  • 3100N (CH2 to 1350E) culvert work C-13.

Roads will be reopened at the end of the day. 


In addition, the following work is anticipated for Tuesday 03/26/2024:

Tuesday 03/26/2024: 

Culvert Installation: 

  • 2150N (600E to 700E) culvert work C-218
  • 800E ( 2150N and IL Rt10) culvert work C-44
  • 1200E (3200N and 3300N) culvert work C-23

Roadway Prep.:     

  • 2600N (400E and CH5)        
  • 700E (2150N and IL Rt10)
  • 2500N (400E and CH5)       
  • 2150N (525E and 800E)
  • 2400N (400E and 700E)      
  • 775E (2050N and 2150N)
  • 800E (2150N and 2400N)     
  • 600E (2150N and 3rd St.)

Anticipated work may be altered by weather, equipment breakdowns or any other unforeseen circumstances.